CLASS: The Camera in Your Pocket

By Moore Farms Botanical Garden (other events)

Saturday, June 16 2018 9:30 AM 2:00 PM

Do you still believe that making a great photograph means you’ve got to lug 40 pounds and thousands of dollars’ worth of cameras around? Are you frustrated about missing pictures because your gear is in the closet? Do you find yourself thinking regretfully that you wish your camera was with you?


Smart phones are packing more and more picture taking power into their slender bodies. Join MFBG Executive Director and professional photographer Carlo Balistrieri to learn more about making great photographs with nothing but your phone. Explore the basic camera app already on your phone and hear the secrets of great photographs. Come to gain tips and tricks that will help you elevate your game and learn to MAKE photographs, not just grab snapshots. Before you know it, your phone with a camera in it will be a camera that you can make calls with!

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100 New Zion Road Lake City, SC 29560