CLASS: Foodscape Revolution

By Moore Farms Botanical Garden (other events)

Saturday, June 9 2018 9:30 AM 12:00 PM

Brie Arthur is back by popular demand! Guest presenter, Brie Arthur, has fine-tuned her signature design technique of Foodscaping, a landscape practice that embraces beauty and utility in its function.  Working within public school systems, retirement communities and suburban developments, Brie is the changing the way green spaces are designed and utilized.

Encouraging everyone to "think outside of the box," learn how pairing edibles in a traditional ornamental landscape offers beauty and bounty, as well as reduced maintenance. The best edible and ornamental plants are featured to inspire attendees to create purposeful landscapes that engage people of all ages and make harvesting easier than ever.   Learn how to plant your bed edges to reduce mammal browse while growing abundance.  Do you like weeding? We didn't think so! Brie will also explain how to cover “open mulch space” in your existing landscape by direct sowing seasonal crops.  This method eliminates weeding while improving soil and providing abundant harvests year round.

Mailing Address

100 New Zion Road Lake City, SC 29560