CLASS: Foraging in Your Own Backyard

By Moore Farms Botanical Garden (other events)

Saturday, March 10 2018 9:30 AM 12:00 PM

Tastes have changed. When farmers see chickweed coming up in their lettuce beds, some know to check market prices. And then they weed out the lettuce. Even the smallest gardens have sought-after edible weeds like purslane, green briar, sorrel, onion grass and many others. But there are also ornamental plants that are edible and delicious too: redbud flowers, Solomon seal shoots, daylily buds and lots more. Horticulturist, professional forager and foraging columnist Frank Hyman has nibbled on unconventional edibles with plant gatherers in six countries and seven states. He’ll share several dozen delicious and nutritious weeds and ornamentals that thrive in the garden whether you plant them or not.

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