CLASS: Eco Print Scarves

By Moore Farms Botanical Garden (other events)

Thursday, September 28 2017 1:30 PM 4:30 PM

Eco printing is essentially a direct contact printing method, drawing out pigments from plants to make interesting and often surprising marks on protein (silk) fibre. In this class talented artist Caroline Harper will show you how to create 2 silk scarves with foraged leaves, flowers, vegetable skins and other objects found from the garden. The unique colors and shapes that occur from these materials will make your scarf a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Silk and organic material will be provided but please bring anything you would like to contribute to your exquisite scarves.

Join Caroline Harper on<b> Thursday, September 28, 2017</b> for an artful day in the garden. Class participation is limited to 20 people. If you have any special needs for the class, please contact Rebecca Turk at (843) 210-7582.

Instructor: Caroline Harper; Chi Design, launched in the fall of 2014, focuses on producing textiles hand-dyed with natural indigo, and made with natural fibers (cotton, silk, linen) generally purchases pre-made fabric or pieces, dyes them, and sews various products (pillows, napkins, hand towels, silk scarves, bow ties, t-shirts, etc.).  The dyeing technique is called Shibori, and is a traditional resist-dyeing method from Japan.  Caroline traveled to Japan in 2014 to study this method and has been practicing it here in SC since then.  She sells many of her products at farmers markets and craft shows, on-line through her website, Amazon Handmade and small boutiques.  She is a native of France where historically there was a strong industry of blue dye from a plant called Woad. Caroline is also starting to harvest small batches of South Carolina indigo plants, making fresh vats and powdered dye that can be stored for a long period of time and used later.

For more information people contact Rebecca Turk at [email protected]

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